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See You Next Thursday

See You Next Thursday
Show details
Day Thursday
Times 22:00 - 23:00
How often ? Fortnightly

A fortnightly, live, late night radio project, hosted by Andrea and Jenny. An audio play space, a experiential ideas space, an alternative 'women's hour' (or longer if we wish!!!) where we consider ourselves the demographic and attempt a 'radio 'girls night in' ....

Join us, round your table, or where ever you are, turning over 'ladies issues', chatting, questioning, laughing, joking, looking irreverently into all kinds of Very Important Things, and making the kind of radio we'd like to hear ...... WARNING some strong language, and some strong opinions will be aired! Every show we'll try to feature fab guests, prizes, and as many womens' voices as we can :-) so..... See You Next Thursday 


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  • Dartington
  • Totnes
  • Community Radio
  • Relationships
  • Feminism
  • Philosophy
  • Chat
  • Discussion