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Altered States: the Invisible Edge

Project Details

To mark World Mental Health Day 10:10:11, we are broadcasting 24 hours of special pieces reflecting our theme The Invisible Edge. Join us for open studio on Sunday 9th Oct, 11am to 5pm - live performances/open mic. Specially selected films also showing at the Barn Cinema between 30th Sept to 13 Oct

It is often outside the border of 'order and normality' that extra-ordinary happenings can take place. Beyond that invisible edge there is space for diversity and difference to flourish and the eccentric and fantastic are born.

This is the second year of Soundart Radio's 'Altered States' Festival that marks World Mental Health Day (10:10:11) - it is an award* winning collaboration that explores our mental health and dis-ease.

*Altered States - 'Unsane Rhapsody' 2010 received the Media Trust's 'Inspiring Voices' award.