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Traveller Project : 2015-03-04

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Project Date 2015-03-04


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Thanks to support from the South West Foundation we were able to work alongside SPARC with local New Travellers this year. In a series of workshops sound recording sat alongside crafts such as clay, sewing, batik and papermaking as we chatted and shared stories. Children in the group took on the role of sound recorders, documenting the day for the adults.

Engineer and musician Jason Mills helped us to build a bicycle powered sound system which we listened to the radio on at the workshop. Bass guitars were made from wooden planks and strimmer wire, with hand wired contact mics attached.

The project culminated in a day trip to the Robert Barton Trust in Glastonbury, where particpants recorded one another and a visting band who arrived in a wagon, Badly Horse Drawn Boy. We hope to develop further our links with Travellers and support more workshops and a regular radio show.